Names that make a difference

Do names like Crestor, Absolut Kurant and Advania sound familiar to you? We created them.

Maybe you want a name that is easy to remember and that reflects the values of the trademark. And maybe you want a name that stirs imagination, yet will stand the tests of legal processes and linguistic issues registerable in every possible way.

In our 30 years of business, we have developed and refined our methods and tools through more than 2000 naming projects, with assignments ranging from mass-market products, prescription drugs and business-to-business brands to international corporations. Our experience and expertise covers practically every field of business, positioning us as one of the top 5 naming companies in the world. We are Skriptor and we create names that make a difference.

Skriptor’s naming process is based on review and analysis of the naming issue, client involvement at critical points and integration of law and linguistics.
Legal screening is carried out in association with Thomson CompuMark, using their world spanning national and international trademark databases. Skriptor has a unique possibility to do thorough legal screening in a very time and cost efficient way. For legal expertise Skriptor has a close cooperation with Groth & Co.
Skriptor can provide Linguistic screening on different levels depending on the number of name candidates. We have a collaboration with 40 linguists and they all form part of our regular network. All linguists are native speakers.
Skriptor offers a wide range of different strategic services. When you already have one or more name proposals Skriptor can assist you with validating these name candidates. The validation applies different perspectives, and takes strategy, communication, character, linguistics, culture and legal problems into consideration.


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